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Which is better? Xbox One or PS4

Who wants to know if Xbox One is better or PS4 is better??Edit

Xbox One is where you can use most Microsoft Features on a controller and play Video Games for example, 'eg,; Halo or Minecraft;, Anyways you have a big variety of games and use Xbox Live to chat to your friends and also use voice chat live! But a PS4 allows you to also play a variety of games but with a smaller and more sleek controller with a 4k Rumble Feature and it has an app to sync up to the PS Vita! Back to Xbox One, The Xbox One also has a Rumble Feature but it is a Revolution 5 Rumble Shock which was used on the GameCube Controller and the Wii Remote. The PS4 though plays Digital discs and the Xbox One uses Analogue Discs but they are technically the same. Xbox One is a Bluetooth Controller (Some of Them) And they can reach up to 3 yards across from the Xbox (inside only.)The PS4 Controller has a sensor and can reach 1 yard across from the system which isn't that good. So it's safe to say that Xbox has won the distance . PS4 has won the rumble. PS4 has also won the controller. PS4 has won the Disc Quality. And Xbox has won to play DVD'S! So that means that PS4 is the winner!!Edit

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